Getting Started

Microapp APIs

What is ayoba?

Ayoba is a Superapp which is primarily a messaging service, similar to SMS, where users can also send voice messages, photos and message a group of people.

Ayoba also provides a platform for businesses to create their own MicroApp within the ayoba app.

What is a MicroApp?

Microapps are web applications that you can build into ayoba, to provide rich functionality to users. You are also able to use the ayoba API which can provide your microapp with information, such as a user’s profile picture or sending a direct message to another user and much more.

Why create a MicroApp in Ayoba?

Your app will be visible to all Ayoba users. Some networks, in partnership in Ayoba, allow for data-free microapps, where users can utilise the microapps at no cost.

Getting started with Ayoba Microapps

  1. Register on the developer portal

  2. Sign in to the developer portal

  3. If it is your first time signing in, or the terms and conditions have been updated. You will be greeted with 2 sets of terms and conditions that you will need to sign. Look further down the page at “Guidelines” to get a brief explanation of what is not allowed on the platform.

  4. Once you have signed in, you will have full access to the developer portal.

  5. You will see a tab called “My Microapps” on the navigation bar next to your profile name. Click on this tab to get started with adding your first microapp.

  6. Here, you will see a list of your Microapps (If you have any) and a Plus button. Click on the plus button to add your Microapp.

  7. Fill in all the relevant fields.

    1. Section and Category are essentially the same, you will only need to fill in a category.

    2. You will need to provide a 500px by 500px JPG or PNG image for your logo.

    3. Select display in landscape if you do not want the microapp to display in portrait mode.

    4. Permissions: The descriptions of each permission will be detailed out in a following section called “Permissions”

    5. On the next page, you will need to capture what languages and countries you wish your app to be available in.

    6. You will need to provide either a chat uri or a discovery uri or both.

      1. A uri is the link to the web application that you wish to add as an Ayoba microapp, eg. (

      2. Entering it in the chat uri field, you will be able to use the app in a chat context. This means the app will be usable while within a chat with another Ayoba user.

      3. Entering it in the discovery uri field means the app will be available to use in the microapps hamburger menu within Ayoba.

  8. You will then need to tick the “Does the MicroApp contain in-app purchases (through any form of payment, or carrier billing)?” box if your microapp does have purchases or billing.

  9. Once all this is filled in, your microapp will then be submitted for dev publication, your app should be available on the developer APK (which you can download by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen and choosing “Download developer apk”)

  10. You can now view the status of your microapp on the “My microapps screen”

  11. Once it has been approved and is on the developer apk, you can now test your app. Once you are happy that everything is working correctly, you can then submit your application for live publishing using the button on the my Microapps screen.

  12. One of our agents will then be in contact with you to request any required documentation and to start off the Vetting process.


The following content is strictly not allowed in any microapp:

  • Anything containing gambling

  • Anything containing nudity/ sexual content

  • Any form of violence/hate speech

  • Any substance abuse

Common issues

  • Do not include ayoba, or any ayoba branding in your application.

  • You will need a developer contact form, and need to provide receipt to anyone wishing to contact you regarding bugs/questions around the site within 48 hours.

  • If you have user generated content, this will need to be moderated.

  • ayoba does not provide hosting for your app, you will need a publicly available URL in order to integrate with ayoba.

Vetting process

Once you have reached the publication stage, the following processes will occur:

  1. We will do a compliance review on the MicroApp ensuring everything is in order and compliant to the T&Cs

  2. We will do a technical review to ensure the MicroApp functionality is in place

  3. Please confirm that you have read and understood and accepted the T&Cs when you signed up.

  4. Please send us the following documentation as it forms part of the Vetting and Compliance requirements.

    • Name
    • Contact number
    • Email Address
    • Registered name of person or business entity
    • Proof of identity (person) or proof of registration (business)
    • Address (business: registered address)
    • Authority to act on behalf of said entity (business)