Create and share your Service with ayoba

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How does it work?

1. Explore the getting started guide, and start building your webapp

Your first step to publishing a service on the ayoba platform is to explore what functionality ayoba provides! Once you have done this, you can start developing right away! ayoba allows you to create webapps, that you can host yourself, using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript). This can take the form of a basic HTML page, or something more complicated like a SPA using a framework like Angular or React.

2. Register Service & test Service on Dev APK

Once you are ready to test your service out on ayoba, register your account on the developer portal and follow the steps to create your service on the platform. Once you have created your service, you will be notified when it is ready to test. You can then download the developer APK and test out your new service!

3. Submit for final vetting and publishing

Once your service has been fully tested by yourself, and you are confident that you would like to take it live. Follow the steps to request for publication. You will then be contacted by our team, who will take you through the vetting and compliance processes.

4. Service published! and publishing

Congratulations, you are done! Users of the ayoba app can now access your service!